Moon (2009)

Moon is like a chocolate you think is solid, and you’re fine with that, and then you almost immediately hit raspberry filling and realize it’s taking your taste buds in a good, but different, direction.

Moon begins with a lone astronaut really antsy to get home. He’s spent 3 years as the only soul on a lunar station monitoring an automated set of Helium-3 harvesters (in this film, Helium-3 is the most wonderful clean energy source ever -- the equivalent of Tiberium). With only a friendly Kevin Spacey-voiced robot named GERTY as a companion, he’s getting a little crazy. During one of his hallucinations, he runs his lunar mobile into a harvester and things begin to get really weird. The good kind of weird.

This movie started out OK and ended with me giving my girlfriend two firm thumbs up. It’s low budget, but they use clever set design and models to keep you blissfully unaware of this fact. The plot is clever and tackles one of my favorite sci fi topics (dealing with the loneliness and emptiness of space) with a simplistic elegance. There’s also an intriguing hard sci fi twist that caught me off guard but didn’t feel gimmicky (spoiler):

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Thankfully, the twist happens early enough that it’s more switching gears than yelling “surprise!” I was pleased with the sequences on the lunar surface, and thoroughly impressed by Sam Rockwell’s performance as Sam Bell. The film left me looking forward to the director’s next project and I’d definitely recommend it.

This is the best science fiction movie I’ve seen in a long time… and it basically only has 1 actor. Awesome.

p.s. The director is David Bowie’s son… weird.

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    I was so sure I was going to love this movie based on the few bits I’d heard, that I simply bought it when it came out on DVD. Not one regret!

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